Percolators vs. Drip coffee makers

An average American drinks three cups of coffee per day so it is fair to say that coffee drinkers should be mindful of the kind of coffee they choose to drink. There are so many methods to prepare coffee that it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Most people that drink coffee regularly purchase a coffee maker to make the brewing process easier.

The variety of coffee makers can give some buyers a headache but it is a good thing that we have access to that many kinds because it gives everyone a chance to find the perfect one for their needs. In this article, we are going to take a look at two of the most commonly found coffee appliances, percolators and drip coffee makers.

Coffee percolators

A coffee percolator can come in two types, electric and stove-top. A traditional percolator works by allowing the hot water to pass through the beans sitting at the top part of the pot again and again. This brings out the rich flavor of coffee beans and allows one to enjoy a strong cup of coffee that is sure to awaken anyone even if they didn’t get enough sleep.

Percolators come with a filter basket so in theory there is no need to purchase any paper filters. Some prefer to put one on top of the basket anyway to filter out some of the smaller beans and give the coffee a slightly weaker taste. You can get percolator coffee filters in any larger retail store for a small price.

Percolators used to be the most popular kind of coffee maker until the 70s. Nowadays, they have been replaced by other appliances but some coffee lovers argue that nothing beats a coffee made by a traditional percolator. Many people buy them not only for the coffee taste but also the nostalgic value.

Drip coffee makers

Drip coffee makers were the main reason percolators went out of style. They are probably the most popular type of coffee maker today because of their simplicity. This easy to use coffee maker only requires you to put in the coffee beans and water to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. After the coffee is ready it is then dispensed into a glass pot. The pot sits atop a hot plate so that the coffee is always warm and ready to drink.

The main disadvantage of drip coffee makers is the hot plate part. The brewed coffee can sit for many hours inside the pot and it is being ‘cooked’ all the time because of the heat source. This can distort the taste of the coffee and make it undrinkable for some.

Because of their popularity, drip coffee makers are available in many different sizes and styles. You will probably be able to get a good one in any price range.

If neither of these is your cup of tea (or coffee!) feel free to choose something completely different. For example, an espresso machine. If you are going to be drinking coffee three times a day, make sure it is a beverage you actually enjoy.

4 ways to keep your dog motivated

Animals are just like people: they require patience, care, and affection. Not everyone pays attention to the emotional state of their pets, but it can be a very telling indicator of their overall health. Our love and attention toward our pets can have a very big influence on their mood and their activity patterns in general. Of all pets, perhaps dogs are some of the most evident when it comes to showing how they feel. Since we as owners and partners cannot be there for them all day long in most cases, we need to resort to other things to keep our dogs in a good mood. Let’s take a look at 4 things we can do to have our dogs in good spirits.

Exercise your dog at home

Most of us have jobs that require us to go to work for the better part of the day. All dog owners know how hard it can be leaving the house when your dog can tell it means they’ll spend the next couple of hours bored and locked in. Your dog doesn’t have to waste away the day waiting for you to return if he can get some exercise right at home. A dog treadmill, for example, is a great option to keep your dog fit and entertained while you’re away. Some of the best dog treadmills require little effort in assembly and are easy for your dog to hop on and off at any time.

Take your dog outside as much as you can

Of course, nothing beats the outdoors when we talk about keeping animals happy. Dogs just naturally need to get some fresh air, even if it’s just once a day. A long walk in the morning or at night can make all the difference in how they feel and how they behave for the rest of the day. It also has health benefits like avoiding physical deterioration, obesity, and other problems that are common in dogs.

Treat your dog every once in a while

While we may be tempted to give treats to our dogs very often just because they are the best to ever happen to us, overfeeding can cause long-term problems like making them gain some extra weight. Treats for motivating dogs should be just that, a small treat that you may give once a day. You can give them extra special treats on weekends, for example, when you usually have more time to take them out to the park and play. A healthy and overall great option is a bully stick, which can be a well-deserved prize after a full day of activities. Make sure you choose well-reviewed bully sticks to treat your dog only with the best.

Make sure your dog has company

Just like us, our dogs get lonely. Staying at home and waiting for us all day can be a very stressful experience for some dogs, and much more so for the breeds that lean more towards the social side. It might not be an option for everyone, but if it is within your means, getting another pet so they can keep each other company can do wonders for sad dogs. Alternatively, have someone visit your dog to take them for a walk while you’re out, so they can get to interact with someone and stay in a good mood.